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Here at Wayman & Co, we provide a range of services to help make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible.


Marketing Your Property

How we do it

Here at Wayman & Co, we are constantly using the latest technology to make the customer experience even richer. We utilise Matterport to create 3D scans of your property that will produce brochure-quality imagery, a 3D floorplan, and a virtual tour.


Using the latest in 3D camera technology, we are able to create incredibly detailed 3D floor plans for your property. 

These floorplans are then generated into detailed ‘doll house’ models that a potential buyer can view allowing them to get a unique perspective on your property and view the overall layout in a convenient way.


Here at Wayman & Co, we take advantage of the latest in drone camera technology, allowing your property to be captured in a truly unique way. 

A potential buyer is able to clearly see where the boundaries of your property may lie, any land that is included in the sale, or outbuildings that are part of your property.

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Professional Photography

Here at Wayman & Co, we take advantage of the latest in photographic equipment to ensure that your property is captured in the best light.

We only use proffesional grade DSLR cameras.

Social Media

Since 2015 we have accrued a large social media following, as part of all our packages, we market your property on our Facebook page and through our Youtube channel.

Ensuring your property has the furthest amount of reach, and more importantly, is seen by the right people.

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We work with an independent, whole of market mortgage brokerage to provide you with tailored financial advice. Cornerstone Finance Group was established in 2013 and are based in Cardiff Gate.

Cornerstone Finance can guide you through the process of applying for property finance with specialists in residential, buy-to-let, commercial and bridging finance available to assist in achieving your goals.

Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.

Utility Switching

We can help you switch energy supplier to help you secure a better deal for your new home. You can complete the process in-branch with us in no time at all.

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